A junior associate to French lawyer Roland Dumas from 1970 to 1972, Henri Choukroun opened his own law offices in 1974. His first clients mostly included writers and journalists. As a member of the delegation of the Conseil Permanent des Ecrivains (Permanent Council of Writers) he took part in the 21 work sessions organized with the Syndicat national de l'Édition (French publishers' organization) which led to the adoption, on 15 December 1980, of a code of practice (code des usages) designed to clarify contractual relations between authors and publishers of general literature.

In the early 80s, Henri Choukroun expanded his field of activities to entertainment law (motion picture and broadcasting). In Madera, he chaired the work sessions that led to the October 1983 implementation of the World Directors Charter, a text whose main provisions would be adopted in the new cinema and television legislation of several European countries. He counseled and assisted the professional organization of film directors during the first three years of the drafting of the Lang Act of 3 July 1985. That same year he published the book, "For a New Economics of Creativity", with a preface by Marguerite Duras.

As an expert, Henri Choukroun has taken part in various conferences in France and abroad, in particular in Los Angeles in 1994 and 1997 for a colloquium organized by the Director's Guild of America following the colorization affair of John Huston's film, The Asphalt Jungle, which dealt with problems raised by the absence of a director's moral rights in American copyright law. In Jerusalem in 1996, he participated in the symposium of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) delivering a paper on French film heritage rights.

The Choukroun law offices have in recent years also entered the field of music, trademark rights, and digital and new technologies rights.

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